Thank you from your winner – Scott!

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We asked Scott to tell us about winning I’m a Scientist, and here is what he said… 

Hi everybody! Thank you so much for voting for me – I’m glad that you felt entertained and interested enough in the idea of musical thunder to spend your precious votes on me. I’m really looking forward to visiting some of you in person to show it off 🙂

I really enjoyed the entire two weeks and every question really made me think. I’m so impressed by the depth and breadth of all your questions! I got very excited seeing new ones come in and answered them as quickly as I could, but also in a way that would inspire you and make you want to know more. I particularly enjoyed thinking about a ‘neutron star bullet’ and finding out about the most flammable thing in the world!

I must admit I’m A Scientist took up a lot more time than I expected. I naively thought there would be a couple of half-hour chats a day to put in the diary plus a few offline questions; but in reality it took up the bulk of every day answering all of your offline questions! It was super-addictive, though, and I’m glad I devoted myself to it. Hopefully you guys got as much out of it as I did, and have come up with even more questions and ideas for your teachers 🙂

Thanks to all the Mods for running such a tight ship. Everything went smoothly and I could even join in a chat on my phone! Oh my gosh how have I neglected discussing the chats until now? They were MANIC! Apologies if my spelling deteriorated quickly, but I have never had to type as fast in my life! I honestly had to do finger exercises after some of those rapid-fire chats, and the letters are wearing off on my keyboard!

Anyway, thanks so much mods, fellow scientists, friends, family, teachers and – above all students – for supporting me in a wild ride the last couple of weeks. Right then – off to make some sparks…

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