• Question: how long ago did the world begin

    Asked by § Kxtie McGexwn § to Gaia, Jim, Scott on 17 Mar 2016.
    • Photo: Jim Barrett

      Jim Barrett answered on 17 Mar 2016:

      Well, the earth formed about 4.5 billion years ago, but it was quite hot back then, not great for life. It cooled down enough for life about 1 billion years after that

    • Photo: Scott Lawrie

      Scott Lawrie answered on 17 Mar 2016:

      Planet formation is quite interesting actually. The Sun formed about 5 billion years ago and all the planets were made from all the gas, dust and rubble left over. It ‘only’ took about 10 million years to make all the planets: a tiny speck of time in the grand scheme of things! So planet formation was all done and dusted by 4.5billion years ago. Puts it into perspective just how insignificant humans are: having only been around for a few tens of thousands of years! 😎